The time of Jacob’s trouble

When will Jacob’s trouble happen?

The phrase Jacob’s trouble is mentioned only once in scripture and has very definite conditions to go with it. It is found in Jeremiah 30:7. Looking at the context it is used in we can learn some very definite and enlightening things.

1. Israel is in the land having been brought back from captivity. V:3-4. Most of the persecution that has happened to the Jewish people has happened when they have been outside the land of Israel.

2. Verse 4 makes it abundantly plain that the time of Jacob’s trouble refers to Israel and the land of Israel. Israel became a country again in 1948 so this could not happen UNTIL Israel became a country again.

3. Israel is freed from bondage and those who take advantage of her as she is brought from being scattered in the world so that she can serve the Lord and King David. V:9.

4. Israel returns from captivity and from being scattered from all nations to come into the land of Israel to be at rest. v:1-11.

5. All those who attack and destroy Israel shall be destroyed. :16.

6. This will not happen until in the latter days ye shall consider it.” v:24

7. And most importantly the end of Jacobs trouble leads to the Lord blessing Israel and setting them in the land with His blessing. v:18-22.

8. The church is not mentioned in this period and is absent. This is why it will happen in the tribulation seven years as the Church will be taken out to be with t